Dalai Lama

I believe that readers who are interested in the virtues of love, kindness, tolerance, and inner peace may find much in this book to encourage them.”
— His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama’s endorsement for A Wish Can Change Your Life.

Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa

Gahl Sasson's classes at the Golden Bridge have attracted a large and enthusiastic following over the last three years. He blends myths and philosophy from many different traditions into an exciting spiritual system that makes room for people of every background and belief. His optimism appeals to many of our students, who find his workshops on the Kabbalah and astrology both practical and profound. Gahl is a humorous, wise and highly spirited storyteller, and his message of unity among all religious traditions past present and future is one that we need to hear as often as possible."
-- Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, co-founder and director of Golden Bridge

Rabbi Karen Deitsch

Gahl Sasson is well described by the words of the Old Testament:

“Behold now, there is in this city a man of God, and he is an honorable man; all that he says is sure to come about: now let us go there; perhaps he can show us our way that we should go.” (Samuel 1, 9:6)

Gahl’s radiance as teacher and oracle shines through the words of his second book. The insight and wisdom that have improved the lives of his many clients and students are translated here into an approachable program for self-empowerment and realization. Personally and collectively, we now have clear directions for a divine life experience.

-- Rabbi Karen Deitsch

Tim Sexton

I have had two movies produced for HBO in the last two years. 'For Love or Country' was nominated for best picture for both the Emmys and the Golden Globes, and I received the Writer's Guild Paul Selvin award for my screenplay. 'Boycott' won the best picture for the NAACP Awards, and was awarded this year's Peabody. When I first encountered Gahl four years ago, I was struggling in every aspect of my life. I took two courses with him, which opened my heart and my mind. Things that I dreamed started to manifest in my life. I don't perceive his work as magic, for the word implies a touch of luck. Gahl's technologies are extremely practical and empowering. Now with the perspective of a few years, I am witness to the massive changes activated in my life. Gahl's work focused me on my heart, to trust my heart and speak its wish. Instead of a life of inevitability, I live in a world of possibility."
-- Tim Sexton, screenwriter of Children of Men (2006). Topanga, CA


This book is amazing..."
— Madonna, Madonna's Book Club Choice

Michael Barrett Bikram

I have been a big fan of Gahl's work ever since i discovered him at a yoga expo in Los Angeles a few years back. At the time, he had just released his book "A Wish Can Change Your Life" with the coauthor there at the Expo. I enjoyed the book very much for its depth of knowledge in Kabbalah and for the personally empowering technique therein. I am always excited to see a new email posting of Gahl's "Spiritalk" in my inbox. His insight of Kabbalistic astrology is profound empowering esotericisms and laypersons alike with a universal message of peace, oneness and love.

-- Michael Barrett Bikram Yoga Instructor and Laser Physicist, Mezula, MN

Cathy Escandell

I had been trying to meditate for years and finally during the Tree of Life workshop I achieved this goal. Now I am no longer afraid to sit with myself. I realized that there is no permanent death and fearing it will only limit me from the things I want to achieve. Each week as I participated in the program, I felt as if I was transported to another time where everyone lived in harmony. I was at peace. Now I view the world differently and I am not afraid to go after what I want."

-- Cathy Escandell, publicist, Columbia Tristar Films, Los Angeles, CA

Erin Vincent

I have been meaning to write to you for a while now to congratulate you on the wonderful event you had in Barnes and Nobles, the Grove, on May 11, 2006. Your talk was wonderful. You engaged the 60+ audience and also attracted many customers who were wandering around the store. Not an easy thing to do in such a large Barnes & Noble. Every copy we ordered for the event was sold that night and we ordered more since. I wish you continued success with your book and your work.

-- Erin Vincent Community Relations Manager Barnes & Noble at the Grove

Michael Leifer

Gahl Sasson is an irreverent modern day Joseph Campbell with more charisma and a sense of humor. He gleans patterns and cycles from mythology, blends them with astrology, looks at them metaphorically, brings to life the archetypes, personifies the characteristics, and unfolds a drama that is not only compelling but informative and educational. His audience leaves empowered and with a refreshing perspective on the world. His messages and stories are unique and need to be heard.

Jason Wulfhson

For those who already know something about Kabbalah this book offers bold and exciting new insights. And for those who are newcomers to the subject prepare yourself for an empowering and always entertaining journey through the Tree of Life. For this is no ordinary book, this is an experiential sequence of life-altering encounters with the ten spheres of the Tree itself. And upon completion of the book I am certain that each and every reader will look afresh both at themselves and their world. Written with wit, originality, and an expansive grasp of history, mythology, religion and popular culture, this is a book that I can recommend without hesitation.

-- Jason Wulfhson, Los Angeles, CA