Dalai Lama

I believe that readers who are interested in the virtues of love, kindness, tolerance, and inner peace may find much in this book to encourage them.”
— His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama’s endorsement for A Wish Can Change Your Life.

Belinda Casas

One of my favorite photos is of myself at five years old sitting peacefully in the boughs of a tree reading. I didn't realize then that the tree that was supporting me was a powerful metaphor for how to conduct my life but, after reading "A Wish Can Change Your Life" I see now that "The Tree of Life" is a very wise, thoughtful and giving teacher. What is the "Tree of Life?" Read this book right now and find out! It's a fast easy, powerful read and its filled with practical everyday magic. Not in the "witches sense" but in the "you are a powerful person" sense. The bottom line for me is the minute I started applying the simple techniques in this book my life improved. Read it, live it and get what you want and deserve.”

-- Belinda Casas, Santa Monica, CA

Holiday Mathis

I thank my lucky stars for Gahl Sasson; advisor, mentor and inspiration! I'm charmed by his elegant telling of the astrological story. And his accurate predictions astound. How grateful I am for the soulful advice he gives to readers and clients alike.

— Holiday Mathis. syndicated Astrology column writer for nearly 400 newspapers, including the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Sun Times, and the Washington Post.


Arielle Ford

Gahl Sasson is a modern-day mystic and a very wise man. His Storytelling weaves Kabbalistic principles and ancient myths into a blueprint for making your dreams come true.”

— Arielle Ford, best-selling author.


W Magazine

Sasson’s brand of astrology draws from Cabala and the tarot. A favorite of the film crowd.”

— W Magazine


Belinda Casas-Wells

Four years ago Gahl Sasson gave me the most astonishing astrological reading I have ever had. He informed me that I would meet a Taurus who would transform my life. He also said that he could clearly “see” six children. “I wonder where the six is coming from?” he asked with sincere curiosity. When I stopped laughing I explained to him that six children were impossible. Because of a childhood disease getting pregnant was simply not an option. I reminded him that I was in a comfy relationship with a sweet guy and wasn’t about to walk away from it for the vagaries of romance. My boyfriend and I were both happily uninterested in marriage. So there! But that was then and this is now. Today I am married to a wonderful Triple Taurus who turned my life inside out. A quick check of my wedding photo reveals six children: two step daughters, one step son, two darling nephews and a niece (Who wasn’t yet born at the time of Gahl’s astrological prediction. ) P.S. My ex-boyfriend is now very happily engaged. Gahl was 100% right and has been kind enough not to gloat about it. Thanks Gahl!"

— Belinda Casas-Wells, Santa Monica, CA. Screenwriter, Producer.


Dr. Julian Neil

Gahl Sasson is one of the most extraordinarily talented spiritual healers on the planet. I am a successful psychoanalyst, yoga master and holistic doctor practicing in New York and California, who has traveled extensively around the globe learning both new and ancient healing modalities, and I make this claim without a single reservation. A gifted and brilliant teacher, Mr. Sasson has had a profound effect on both my clients and myself. His workshop on the Tree of Life generated raves and gratitude even from my many clients who thought they had seen and heard it all. His innovative approach to spirituality, unfailingly infused with his innate humor, compassion and wisdom, has empowered and aided us all in achieving our goals and dreams. I count Mr. Sasson among the top few original thinkers in the world today."

Dr. Julian Neil, psychoanalyst, yoga master and head of the Nutritional department of NACD (National Association of Child Development). Los Angeles, CA.

Carolyn Juster

Gahl, I want to thank you for being the messenger that you are. What I have learned from you over these past few years has helped me cope with some challenging times in my life. By integrating this knowledge into my life, I have become happier and more accepting of my life on Earth.

— Carolyn Juster a mother and a nurse. Encino California.


Melissa Jones

My name is Melissa Jones. My boyfriend Michael and I came to see you on Nov. 24 and I just wanted to thank you for an amazing experience. First of all, a couple of synchronicities: you told us to discuss our relationship near water....at the suggestion of a friend I had made dinner reservations for us at a restaurant following our session with you. Not having been there before, I had no idea that they had a big, beautiful fountain or that they would seat us directly across from it. Michael wanted to pick up the bill since I had treated him to our session with you. The bill was $108. We both laughed when it came! (the chart was also 108$) The session was so helpful, inspiring and 1000 other good adjectives. You were right on about EVERYTHING! Michael was profoundly affected by it. I could tell that he was then, but over the last month it has become increasingly obvious. It is as if he has had some sort of awakening, and it has been beautiful to see. I don't know what you did, but you gave him exactly the kick in the pants he needed. Me too. Thank you so much. I'm sure we'll be back soon, either individually, as a couple or in one of your classes. You are so very gifted. Thank you for sharing your gift
—Melissa Jones, Los Angeles, CA.