A Wish Can Change Your Life

How to Use the Ancient Wisdom of Kabbalah to Make Your Dreams Come True

By Gahl Sasson and Steve Weinstein

A Wish Can Change Your Life by Gahl Sasson and Steve Weinstein is an engaging, innovative approach to Kabbalah-the ancient teachings of Jewish mysticism-that integrates mythology, scholarship, and practical exercises in a ten-week program designed to bring both material and spiritual gratification to readers of any faith. Blending wisdom from traditions and cultures all over the globe into an unprecedented metaphysical mosaic, A Wish Can Change Your Life lays out the essential tools and strategies for attaining our worldly goals while simultaneously fostering spiritual enrichment and peace of mind. The book shows you how to tap the archetypal energies of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life-the eternal structure that created and animates everything in the universe-to fulfill any wish, whether it is for material gain (a new car, a higher salary), personal improvement and pleasure (weight loss, a more creative career, heightened intimacy with a partner), or a life-changing message from God.

Cosmic Navigator

Design Your Destiny With Astrology and Kabbalah

By Gahl Sasson
Weiser/Red Wheel in 2008

  • What is the meaning of life?
  • When will I find my soul mate?
  • What happens to me after I die?
  • Am I bound to my astrological fate or can I change it?
  • How do I get along with my Virgo boss?

Cosmic Navigator, a new book that combines the ageless personality insights of Astrology with the deeper archetypal wisdom of Kabbalah, provides answers to these and many other questions. It affords readers the thrilling opportunity to learn why they are the way they are, and how each of us might use the potent tools supplied by these spiritual traditions to create purpose, serenity, and a life exactly as we’d like it.